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Healing the Broken Heart

"Healing the Broken Heart" was very insightful. I used to have a broken heart but reading Rodica's book has given me reminders to continue my journey, guard my heart and keep an offense free heart. The enemy does not play fair and this book reminds me that He will continue to try to attack me with a Spirit of Rejection. This book progressively builds up and packs a powerful punch cutting to the matters of the heart. The Bible gives us example after example of the dysfunction of so many broken people. We are no exception. He points out their imperfections so we can be reminded He has no favorites and there are no respecter of persons. He wants nothing more than for His children to be healed and made whole. I believe this book will help to heal many who are brokenhearted and set free to know the precious love of the Father.

- Janet L. Garcia

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